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AE COMPUTERS, LTD base in Berwyn, (Chicago land) IL the company was founded in 1998 by Eric K. Alovor, an Engineer (MSc E.E & MSc C.E) graduated from Kiev Polytechnic Institute (Ukraine) with over 35 years experience in Microcomputer & Electircal Engineering, networking,Information Technology,Communications Industry and Smart Electronics Recycling (e-Waste).

Mission Statement

01 Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

02 We are dedicated to do our best to serve you.

03 We listen carefully to you to diagnose what you really need.

04 We at AE COMPUTERS, LTD have not forgotten that in a market filled with cheap prices and catch phrases, many people are still looking for quality service, not just the lowest bidder.

05 Smart Electronics RecyclingAE COMPUTERS, LTD main focus is keeping electronics out of landfills. We accomplish this goal by recycling and refurbishing the equipment we take into our possession. Our policy of not adding to the world’s landfills is not just responsible it’s Smart.

06 Smart Data Security - AE COMPUTERS, LTD values your data as much as you do. We use industry approved data.

07Smart ValueAE COMPUTERS, LTD has a simple value proposition. We recycle, refurbish and reuse. erasure software to ensure your data is completely removed. Rest assured that your information is Safe with AE COMPUTERS, LTD. Data destruction certificates are issued at the end of each and every processed job.

As competitive as the computing, Wireless networking & communications hardware and software industry has become, there still seems to be value in specialization. And building a widespread reputation for quality, expertise and extremely high standards in this area takes considerable time, effort and commitment. For over 13 years, AE COMPUTERS, LTD has been focused and dedicated solely on the on computers sales, services, support training, wireless networking products. With an installed base exceeding 25K worldwide sales and revenues over Million dollars, our mission remains the same. AE COMPUTERS, LTD is committed to continue in the creating the networking industry the best price with high performance curve while maintaining the highest quality and reliability standards.

Stragetic Marketing Plan

AE COMPUTERS, LTD has a keen awareness of the demands in the international National network-computing marketplace. Our global marketing strategy is multifaceted:
  • Anticipate and manufacture the cutting-edge microcomputer, networking & communications industry technology required in an ever- changing market. Not just lead but actually create the industry price/performance curve.
  • Maximize manufacturing and development resources and provide our customers with high-performance microcomputer, networking & communications industry at affordable prices.
  • Develop integrated global Support Programs for our multinational users.
  • Become the microcomputer, networking & communications Products Company of Choice, whose success is driven by the quality of our relationships with our channel partners and Value Added Resellers.

Partners Database

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